This database is a sample of the fifth wave of data collection of the National Child Development Study (NCDS) started in 1958 ( The NCDS project is a continuing survey which follows the lives of over 17,000 people born in England, Scotland and Wales in a same week of the year 1958.



A data.frame with 365 participants (rows) and 6 variables


the anonymised ncds identifier


the gender of the participant stored in a 2-levels factor: 1 for male, 2 for female


the RG social class 91 scale coded as a 7-levels factor: 10 for professional educations, 20 for managerial and technical occupations, 31 for skilled non-manual occupations, 32 for skilled manual occupations, 40 for party-skilled occupations, 50 for unskilled occupations 50, and 0 when the scale was not applicable to the participant. This variable is complete.


the health status of the participant stored in a 4 ordered levels factor: 1 for excellent, 2 for good, 3 for fair, 4 for poor. This variable has 2 NAs.


the employment status at inclusion stored in a 7-levels factor: 1 for unemployed status, 2 for govt sheme, 3 for full-time education, 4 for housework or childcare, 5 for sick or handicapped, 6 for other, 7 if employed between 16 and 33. This variable has 58 NAs.


a 2-level factor equals to 1 for participant with completed graduate studies or 2 otherwise


INSERM - This database is a sample of the National Child Development Study


The ncds identifier have been voluntarily anonymized to allow their availability for the package.

This sample has 365 participants included in the study during the 5th waves of data collection.